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Big ambitions, possibility of own realization, enthusiasm for work and also professional expertise in working with stone were at the beginning of starting business and formation of company SLOVSTEIN s.r.o., which was created in 1992. Tradition of stone production is under the Spiš castle deeply rooted. Processing of natural stone is hard, but final effect is amazing and beautiful. On first look the stone is cold and rough, but the same stone can give warm to home and decorate the space in room. It gives glitter and noblesse to space.

The aim of company is not just buying and selling this unique material, but also it’s processing and following assembly. Our intention is to satisfy customer´s requirements even in the most complicated and demanded conditions. For successful realizing these requirements is necessary to use material, which is in high – quality. No less important for processing material is to use professional machines. For assembly is needed to have focus on quality of underlying, anchoring and connecting materials. With professional attitude and experiences we are able to accomplish your requirements.

It the end of the year 2004, the company started to sell building materials and building substance.

From the first beginning of this activity our attention is to buy quality and certificated materials, which are made not just in Slovakia, but also abroad.

We are on market 21 years. Since 1992 we are buying, processing and selling stone all over the Slovakia and also to abroad. This fact is proof of viable activity on which we are connected. We want to continue on the way on which must be satisfied every customer, which is always in our company a partner.


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Stone production of company offers:

  • tiles elements, facing inside walls and pillars
  • facing outside walls with possibility of thermal insulation
  • facing stairs
  • face materials rifted
  • facing building´s stairs, windows and main entrances
  • atypically work – fountains, balustrades and profile elements
  • paving cubes, curbs
  • production of desk´s boards, window´s parapets
  • decorating things
  • facing fireplace, bar´s boards
  • stone elements to liturgical space in church (altars, vases, stoups)
  • tombstones